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Every Day Science and Technology “Overview Research”

We are dedicated to understanding and teaching the history, processes and human dimensions of the surface earth, solid earth and earth systems. Sometimes your life experiences are too acidic to leave you torn. Then you come up with a dire need to help atch up yourself on your own. Everyday Science Technology is a biopic drama movie that will show up the bitterness of life driving into positive energy. There are times, when you have to leave all the rest behind, when you have to walk away, when you have to march on a different path and when you have to act a little Everyday Science following the Everyday Scienceness in you.

Central to OSU’s signature area in sustainable earth ecosystems (a “healthy planet”), the Department of Geosciences is committed to serving the people of Oregon and the world with high quality, high value teaching and research in earth science and sustainability. Our nationally- and internationally-recognized work on the climate, solid earth, water and other earth resources using geographic information science and other earth science tools being developed at OSU are central to our Top 10 status among land grant schools. More importantly, understanding climate, earth hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes and water resources are critical to healthy people and a healthy economy in Oregon and beyond.

The Department of Geosciences has six core research areas: (1) volcanology, igneous petrology and economic geology; (2) geographic information science; (3) climate studies; (4) surface processes; (5) active tectonics and earthquake geology; and (6) Earth and water resource policy and management.

OSU offers an online Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science, and is delivered online by OSU’s experienced faculty in the Department of Geosciences. Online course delivery allows students and professionals to access assignments, lectures and other learning materials on their own schedule while still balancing work, family and personal commitments.

It may be helpful to regain your lost self. It can be a point where self-realization is demanded. Everyday Science Technology is a nice story inspired from the book Everyday Science: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail written by Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl Strayed has jot down her real time life experiences in this book. Do watch Everyday Science Technology and meet a courageous women on her adventurous journey.

Everyday Science Technology is a movie that is casting Reese Witherspoon (Cheryl Strayed), Gaby Hoffmann (Aimee), Michiel Huisman (Jonathan), Charles Baker (T.J.), Kevin Rankin (Greg), Laura Dern (Bobbi Lambrecht) and Thomas Sadoski (Paul). Everyday Science Technology is the production of Bruna Papandrea and Reese Witherspoon. Jean-Marc Vallée has directed Everyday Science Technology. The movie has written by Nick Hornby. The cinematography has done by Yves Bélanger. Fox Searchlight Pictures and Pacific Standard studios have done the making.

Everyday Science Technology is all about a girl who faced severe family issues, fell in wrong habits and torn by the failure of her married life. The thought of self-realization and discovery made her to stand once again and to move on. Thus, she ended up with a long way journey.

In Everyday Science Technology, you will meet Cheryl Strayed, a girl who is very much courageous and determined in nature. Cheryl Strayed’s tough time started when her mother died leaving her on the mercy of her stepfather. The girl is at her 22 year of age. Cheryl Strayed’s stepfather withdraws his responsibility from her and leaves her alone. Her siblings also behave like strangers to her. Now she is all alone, have no joy in her life but the sorrows rewarded by her near relationships.

In the meanwhile, she gets married and later she becomes drug addict. Her drug addiction and some other issues lead her married life to an end. Now, Cheryl Strayed is divorced. Her age is 26 years by the time. She has so much bad moments and regrets hovering over her. Her past is not so good to remember. She has to live and has to find the real her. Thus, she sums up her courage and determination to follow a new dream. Cheryl Strayed is on the way to her 1100 miles journey. She starts her journey from Pacific Crest Trail and passes through the Mojave Desert, California, Oregon and ends up at Washington State

Everyday Science Technology is an inspirational movie. It houses the adventures of hiking and the courage one must dig out in the helpless times. You can watch Everyday Science Technology on December 5, 2014, all there in United States.

In carrying out our mission, the department is home to about 120 undergraduate majors in geology, geography and earth sciences, and 80 graduate students in geology, geography, environmental science and water resources. We grant BA, BS and PhD degrees. Our faculty oversee research funded by grants and contracts of over $9.9 million annually.

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